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18 thoughts on “Contact Page

  1. Hi there — Sorry for the delay in replying. I just ‘liked’ your twitter page in my role as the VISIT FLORIDA ‘Off the Beaten Path’ Insider, and you had started to follow me back around 12/5. Looking forward to following your adventures. If you’d like to see — and send some folks — to my motorcycle touring facebook page, that’s at

    And great for you for traveling! THE best thing ever for curious and motivated people.

    Glad you quit your retail job. When I speak at shows, I try to encourage to get that balance right.


    • Gary, thanks for the “like” :) I will have to spend some time checking out your page. I am in complete agreement that traveling is the best thing for curious and motivated people. I support you wholeheartedly in your quest to encourage people to find the right balance! Safe travels!

  2. great website. I am going up to Anchorage later today from sunny california for a short holiday and your musings and photos definitely got me in the mood!

  3. Living the dream – I hope to travel the world also someday! I also remember Lauren from primary school (GMPS) , we were friends when I was 5-7 years old. A wonderful person full of wanderlust even then. Reach for the stars!!

  4. Planning a trip from Sarasota area to Anchorage…How long ago was your trip?
    I’m goin’ it alone and am a little nervous with such a great distance and all.
    My Sonic is about the same size as your car so I see that it is indeed possible in a small car.
    I love the chronicles and would love to learn more…

    • Hi Bob,

      We took our trip in late 2012, but keep all the articles up to date with hotels and other info. Feel free to reach out to us via email or social media if you have any questions.


  5. Just saw your response on facebook. We will be staying at the Marriott in Rapid City beginning around noon on Aug 19 leaving Rapid City morning of Aug 22. Doing it to see Mt. Rushmore; anything else is icing on the cake so suggestions are welcome. We are not really hikers but game for most else.
    Many thanks for your suggestions.
    Robert Lefland

  6. Aloha to all of you!

    I am starting on my 35 day round trip (NC to ALaska) in another ten days. I used to be a Road Comic, and then worked on Cruise ships for 15 years. I retired and just did local trips for a year. We are on a limited fixed income, but my lovely wife (who still works) has agreed to let me take a bit out of saving and make the nearly 8000 mile trip. I always wanted to see Mt Rushmore, and because of your postings…well, now I am practically drooling (Okay, I am in my mid sixties, so the drool could just be natural). I loved your post and pictures.
    I also REALLY appreciated your list of what to pack. I can’t afford a go pro, but the tip on the Garmin, knife, shovel…etc…Perfect!
    You guys keep having a blast. I am off in just two weeks! Smiles, Kevin

  7. My wife and I plan on taking a trip to Alaska this summer from Nevada. We have a new cab-over camper and we were thinking about towing a Jeep behind the truck/camper unit. If anyone has knowledge of towing a vehicle, I would appreciate any info or pros and cons for this means of transportation.


  8. We are planning the same trip from Vancouver to Tok, but not leaving till June 29th. We will be traveling on a motorcycle from Tulsa. We plan on going to California then up highway 1. Coming back from Tok, Ak. We will go through Billings Montana, Yellowstone and back to Tulsa. About 10,000 round trip. What do you recommend as far as what we might need to pack. Will we be able to get rooms without reservations as we aren’t sure when and where we will be on any given day. What time of the year did you go, as I saw snow in the pics. ?

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