Travel Bucket List
Kenin and I have received many requests for places we would like to see if time and money were no object. We recently created this travel bucket list and hopefully we can get started on it ASAP and work our way around the world. This is in no particular order.


1.) Ride the Trans-Siberian railway.

2.) See penguins in the wild.

3.) See polar bears in the wild.

4.) Visit the Galapagos Islands.

Celebrating the Chinese New Year - Travel Bucket List

Chinese New Year – image credit

5.) See the pyramids in Egypt.

6.) Take an African safari.

7.) Visit China during their New Year celebration.

8.) Live in Italy for a month (or more).

9.) Visit a French vineyard.

10.) Partake in Oktoberfest in Germany

11.) Have coffee in Columbia

12.) Live in Japan for a month (or more).

13.) Visit Denali National Park in the spring/summer.

14.) Drive the autobahn.

15.) See an active volcano.

16.) Do a round-the-world cruise.

17.) Visit New Zealand.

18.) Visit Madagascar.

19.) See Niagara Falls.

20.) Visit the Taj Mahal  6/26/2013 Visited the Taj Mahal

21.) Go to space! (this should be achievable within our lifetimes!!)

22.)Learn to snowboard. Snowboarded in Canada! 

23.) Scuba dive a reef (need certification).

24.) Spend a night in a castle.

25.) See the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)We saw the Northern Lights in Alaska 10/2012!

26.) See a play on Broadway.

27.) Join the mile high club :)

28.) Volunteer on a ranch or farm.

29.) Fly in a jet.

30.) Ballroom dance at a Gala.

31.) Stay in the penthouse in a nice hotel.

Patagonian Cavy - Travel Bucket List

Patagonian Cavy – One of our favorite animals

32.) Take a group of friends to Bora Bora.

33.) Backpack through a rainforest.

34.) Visit Patagonia where one of my favorite animals ever resides

35.) Photograph Big Ben

36.) Spend a week at a luxury spa.

37.) Have a brew in Ireland

38.) Go to Comic Con (and let my inner geek hang way out).

39.) Climb to the top of Chichen Itza.

40.) Take a ride in a hot air balloon during the Albuqurque International Balloon Fiesta.

41.) Go to a Superbowl and after-party.

42.) See the Grand Canyon –  We visited Grand Canyon in  11/2012 !

Burj Al Arab - Travel Bucket List

The Burj Al Arab will do just fine :-) image credit

43.) “Swim” in the Dead Sea.

44.) Sail through the Greek isles.

45.) Spend the night in a lighthouse.

46.) Stay in an igloo in Finland

47.) Stay in a fancy Dubai hotel.

48.) Cruise through the Panama canal.

49.) Have a Swiss bank account.

50.) Visit every continent.


Do you have your own Travel Bucket List? We’d love to hear your travel dreams in the comments below!

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16 thoughts on “Travel Bucket List

    • I have three items left on my personal bucket list: Australia, Hwy 101 to Haight and Ashbury(started that trip in 1973 will finish July 2016), Canadian battlefields in Europe. Australia appears to be only a dream however the Canadian Battlefields appear to be doable.

  1. Nice bucket! ;-)

    The Galapagos and Japan are on my list too, as is going back to New Mexico to drive through White Sands National Monument (the Albuquerque balloon fiesta comes highly recommended).

    Looking forward to hearing ALL about these trips.

  2. Hi Kenin

    Much of your bucket list I have already completed but I still have a long way to go.
    My bucket list is to keep travelling until I fall off the planet. Must see Lake Titicaca and the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru. Ride the Trans Siberian Railway from Moscow to Beijing in China travelling through Mongolia. Drink a mojito in Havana Cuba. Visit Easter Island. Join the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and another one in New Orleans. Buy a TVR Sagaris. And the list is endless

  3. Wow! Quite a bucket list. My partner & I also love to travel and we try to make it a point to go on at least one new adventure every year. This past December we went to South Africa on safari with some friends and it was without a doubt a one of the most fantastic experiences we’ve ever had. You could cross 2 & 6 off your list there (Cape Town has wild penquins – yes, penquins in Africa!).
    Further north & east in Limpopo Province area is Safari heaven. Lots of choices there. The experience of a lifetime.
    A friend we traveled with actually flew from South Africa to Egypt then back to the states.
    I see from your profiles that we were once neighbors. I’m close to Yardley, PA.
    Good luck with your bucket list !

    • Hi Barbara,

      That sounds awesome! I didn’t realize we could see penguins in Cape Town it just moved higher on our list :-) Thanks for reading, keep in touch while on your adventures, we always love to connect with other travelers.

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